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I have tagged and tarballed Sparse 0.4, now available from, with sha1sum a77a10174c8cdb5314eb5000c1e4f24458848b91.

Highlights and visible changes in this release:

  • The Sparse validation files have become an automated test suite,invoked via make check. Thanks to Damien Lespiau for the initial test-suite script. Also thanks to Pavel Roskin for ideas, discussion, and prototyping, and to the contributors of new test cases and test-suite metadata for existing test cases.
  • New backend c2xml by Rob Taylor, which outputs an XML representation of the variable declarations, function declarations, and data structures in a C file.
  • sparse and cgcc now have manpages.
  • Warning changes:
    • Warn on return <void expression>; if given -Wreturn-void; off by default because the C99 standard permits this.
    • Sparse now defaults to -Wno-do-while.
    • Sparse now defaults to -Wdecl.
    • -Wno-old-initializer turns off warnings about non-C99 struct initializers
    • -Wno-non-pointer-null turns off warnings about using a plain integer as a NULL pointer
    • Initializer entries defined twice and bitfields without explicit signs have changed from errors to warnings.
  • cgcc no longer passes -Wall to sparse if given -Wall on the command line. -Wall turns on all Sparse warnings, including experimental and noisy ones. Don't include it just because a project wants to pass -Wall to cc. If you really want cgcc to run sparse with -Wall, set CHECK='sparse -Wall'
  • Support for more builtin functions: __builtin_labs, __builtin_offsetof, __builtin_strcat, __builtin_strncat, and __builtin_strlen.
  • Support for more attributes: constructor, destructor, __always_inline__, __noinline__, used, __syscall_linkage__, format_arg, cdecl, stdcall, fastcall, dllimport, and dllexport.
  • Support for the __DATE__ and __TIME__ preprocessor symbols.
  • Support for __alignof (treated like the existing __alignof__).
  • typeof(bitwise_type) now produces the same type, not an incompatible type; thanks to Al Viro.
  • Various profile-driven optimizations and changes to compiler optimization flags, making Sparse significantly faster.
  • Numerous fixes to C standards compliance, thanks to Al Viro. In particular:
    • Sparse now requires integer constant expressions in various places, not arbitrary expressions.
    • Sparse now handles NULL pointer constants more correctly.
    • Sparse now resolves pointer types more correctly in conditional expressions
  • The graph backend now outputs significantly better program graphs, and the Sparse source code includes some gvpr scripts to modify these graphs in various ways, such as only showing the callers or callees of particular functions. Thanks to Dan Sheridan.
  • Linux-style make output; for a more verbose make with full command lines, make V=1. Thanks to Damien Lespiau.
  • Numerous bugfixes and internal cleanups; thanks to the many Sparse contributors.

Full changelog:

   Al Viro (51):
         handle __alignof as equivalent of __alignof__
         saner reporting of overlaps in initializers
         check for whitespace before object-like macro body
         fix alignment for _Bool
         fix interaction of typeof with bitwise types
         better recovery from bad operations on bitwise
         make copying of EXPR_INDEX non-lazy
         tie the fields of struct in simple list
         rewrite of initializer handling
         fix handling of typeof on structs
         missing NULL checks in initializer handling
         take cast_to() out of usual_conversions(), do it in callers
         mechanically split compatible_assignment_types()
         null pointer constants have no special meaning for pointer subtraction
         remove long-dead variable in evaluate_ptr_add()
         remove useless argument in evaluate_ptr_sub()
         cleanup of evaluate_assign_op()
         clean up the typechecking in arithmetics
         clean up usual_conversions(), kill evaluate_shift()
         fix index conversions in evaluate_ptr_add()
         fix default argument promotion
         move degenerate() down into compatible_assignment_types()
         in case of compound literal we want to delay examining type
         warn on return <void expression>;
         deal with enum members without excessive PITA
         implement __builtin_offsetof()
         fix handling of integer constant expressions
         fix the comma handling in integer constant expressions
         first pass at null pointer constants
         make size_t better approximate the reality
         fix handling of address_space in casts and assignments
         fix handling of pointers in ?:
         saner show_type()
         clean up evaluate_sign()
         integer_promotions() can't get SYM_NODE or SYM_ENUM
         start cleaning type_difference()
         get compatible_assignment_types() deal with all cases
         fix the sanity check in evaluate_ptr_sub()
         rewrite type_difference()
         deal correctly with qualifiers on arrays
         add __builtin_strlen()
         no such thing as array of functions
         new helper: unfoul()
         handling of typeof in evaluate_member_dereference()
         file and global scopes are the same for purposes of struct redefining
         ...,array should degenerate
         sanitize evaluate_ptr_add(), start checking for pointers to functions
         fix evaluate_compare()
         sanitize evaluate_postop()
         saner -Wtypesign
         braino in conditional_expression()
   Alberto Bertogli (1):
         Implement x86-64 support in cgcc.
   Alexey Dobriyan (2):
         Fix infinite loop in free_preprocessor_line()
         Fix -E handling
   Christopher Li (2):
         combinations string clean up
         Pass a bitmask of keywords to handle_attributes
   Damien Lespiau (6):
         Change sparse homepage in ctags headers.
         __DATE__ & __TIME expansion
         Beautify all & install Makefile targets
         test-suite: a tiny test automation script
         test-suite documentation
         Sample test-suite test cases
   Dan Sheridan (2):
         Improved graph generation using subgraph clusters for functions
         Add gvpr-based post-processing for graphs
   Josh Triplett (118):
         Fix website and repository references in FAQ
         Fix the version number
         Remove old version note.
         gitweb lives at now.
         Add a "make dist" that requires $(VERSION) to match git describe
         Add test case for __asm__ __volatile__(...)
         Make cgcc not pass -Wall to sparse even if passing it to cc
         Teach cgcc about all currently existing sparse warning options
         Teach cgcc about -ventry and -vdead
         Parse asm after a label as a statement, not an attribute
         Add test case for stdcall and cdecl attributes.
         Add -Wno-old-initializer to turn off warnings about non-C99 struct initializers
         Add test case for -Wno-old-initializer
         Revert unintentional inclusion of warning fix in previous commit.
         Use %td when printing a ptrdiff_t to avoid problems on 64-bit platforms
         Remove extra space.
         Add shebang to gvpr scripts, make them executable, and change usage accordingly
         Fix an __attribute__() parsing error
         Expand calling convention test case to cover fastcall
         Add -Wno-non-pointer-null to turn off warning about using a plain integer as a NULL pointer
         Add __builtin_strcat and __builtin_strncat.
         Ignore the GCC constructor and destructor attributes
         Remove inaccurate comment designating some attributes as windows-specific.
         Move the ident for defined() into the preprocessor section.
         Reorganize attribute list for readability.
         Add double-underscore variant __always_inline__.
         Add double-underscore variant __noinline__.
         Add no-double-underscore variant "used", ignored like "__used__".
         Add double-underscore variant __syscall_linkage__.
         Add no-double-underscore variant format_arg.
         Add explanatory comment about direct use of __IDENT for preprocessor idents.
         Sparse always defines __STDC__ 1, so cgcc does not need to do so
         Fix old typo: s/wierd/weird/
         Canonicalize URL in FAQ: add www., add trailing slash
         Change "LD" to "LINK" in Makefile prettyprinting.
         Makefile prettyprinting: make INSTALL and other output line up correctly
         Add test case for infinite loop in free_preprocessor_line()
         Turn on -Wdecl by default.
         ctags: Use const as appropriate in cmp_sym()
         validation/old-initializer.c: Make the_s static to avoid extraneous warning.
         validation/restricted-typeof.c: Make globals static to avoid extraneous warnings.
         validation/escapes.c: Make globals static to avoid extraneous warnings.
         validation/non-pointer-null.c: Make global static to avoid extraneous warning.
         Merge commit 'viro/integer-constant'
         Move all the preprocessor tests into validation/preprocessor/
         Move test-suite output files to validation/.gitignore
         .gitignore: Stop ignoring all dotfiles
         validation: Update comments for current Sparse behavior and test-suite.
         Add test-suite comments to all the obvious preprocessor tests
         Make preprocessor-loop a normal numbered preprocessor test
         Add test-suite comment to preprocessor21.
         Add test-suite comment to address_space.c
         Make clean depend on clean-check
         Rename asm-volatile to better describe what it tests
         Add test-suite comment to label-asm.c
         Remove "check-exit-value: 0" and rely on default; remove extra blank line.
         Add test-suite comment to bad-array-designated-initializer.c
         Add c2xml to .gitignore
         Split c2xml build rule into compile and link stages, and add the quiet prefixes
         expression.h needs lib.h for struct position and symbol.h for int_ctype
         Fix GCC warnings in c2xml
         Fix sparse warnings in c2xml: mark globals static and remove unused globals
         Fix test-suite to handle stdout and stderr separately, and fix up tests
         Add test-suite metadata to bad-cast.c
         Add test-suite metadata to bad-ternary-cond.c, and remove now-redundant comment
         Add test-suite metadata to initializer-entry-defined-twice.c
         Add test-suite metadata to context.c
         Add test-suite metadata to escapes.c
         Add test-suite metadata to calling-convention-attributes.c
         Fix typos in test-suite documentation
         Makefile: stop cleaning files we didn't make and have no business cleaning
         Add test-suite metadata to old-initializer.c; also test with -Wno-initializer
         allocate.h: Stop needlessly returning a void value in __DO_ALLOCATOR
         Turn off -Wdo-while by default.
         Add test-suite metadata to label-attr.c
         validation/builtin_safe1.c: Show the unsafe macro argument
         Make "Initializer entry defined twice" a warning, not an error
         Remove explicit restatements of defaults in metadata for member_of_typeof test
         Remove explicit restatements of defaults in metadata for outer-scope test
         Remove explicit restatements of defaults in metadata for comma test
         Add test case for comparing null pointer constant to int.
         Makefile: Use -O2 -finline-functions, not just -O
         cse: Size insn_hash_table more realistically, speeding up CSE significantly
         Add some missing dependencies in the Makefile
         Drop -fpic; it hurts performance and we don't build by default
         Add another test case to validation/comma.c
         ctags: Handle some new namespaces and symbol types.
         is_zero_constant: declare saved const
         Add test case for -Wtypesign
         Sort warning options in lib.c and lib.h
         Rename Wcast_to_address_space to Wcast_to_as to match the command-line argument
         Add a manpage for sparse
         Install the Sparse manpage
         cgcc: Sparse accepts -Wcast-to-as, not -Wcast-to-address-space
         Rename Wundefined_preprocessor to Wundef to match the command-line argument
         cgcc: Sparse accepts -Wundef, not -Wundefined-preprocessor
         Use -fno-strict-aliasing, as the ptrlist code seems to violate C99 strict aliasing rules
         Add test-suite annotations to restricted-typeof.c
         Add test-suite annotations to double-semicolon.c
         Add test-suite annotations to check_byte_count-ice.c
         Add test-suite annotations to badtype4.c
         Add test-suite annotations to varargs1.c
         Add test-suite annotations to struct-attribute-placement.c
         Add test-suite annotations to non-pointer-null.c
         Add test-suite annotations to struct-ns1.c
         Add test-suite annotations to noderef.c
         Makefile: Use ?= to allow overriding OS or AR on the Make command line
         FAQ: Point to URL on vger for subscription instructions and archives
         README: recode from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8
         validation: Rename typeconvert.c to integer-promotions.c to match its purpose
         Add test-suite annotations to integer-promotions.c
         Add test-suite annotations to cond_expr.c
         Add test-suite annotations to function-pointer-modifier-inheritance.c
         validation: Update comment in type1.c to reflect current state of Sparse
         Add test-suite annotations to init-char-array.c
         Add a manpage for cgcc
         Add SEE ALSO for cgcc in sparse manpage
         Makefile: VERSION=0.4
   Kovarththanan Rajaratnam (1):
         libxml compile fix on Cygwin
   Michael Stefaniuc (3):
         Ignore the cdecl and stdcall attributes for now.
         Add test for typedef on pointer to function with stdcall attribute.
         '\?' is a valid escape character defined by ANSI C. Its value is '?'.
   Mike Frysinger (1):
         Makefile: improve flag handling
   Pavel Roskin (5):
         Improve error message if using a member of an incomplete struct or union
         Bitfield without explicit sign should be a warning, not an error
         cgcc: preserve sparse exit code if -no-compile is used
         Avoid use of libc headers in the validation suite
         Fix warnings about undeclared globals, they are irrelevant to the test
   Ramsay Jones (2):
         Add (more) support for WIN32 attribute names
         Add cygwin support to cgcc
   Randy Dunlap (1):
         add __builtin_labs()
   Rob Taylor (4):
         add end position to symbols
         add sparse_keep_tokens api to lib.h
         new get_type_name function
         add c2xml program
   Yura Pakhuchiy (1):
         Make cgcc filter out all sparse warning related options (4):
         tokenize.c: Replace handwritten strncmp with existing function.
         expression.c: Clean up match_oplist() and add missing va_end()
         parse.c: Adding va_end().
         tokenize.c: Simplify drop_stream_eoln().

-- Josh Triplett

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