Sparse 0.4.1 released

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I have tagged and tarballed Sparse 0.4.1, now available from, with sha1sum 14085c5317cd7f2c8392fb762969906fa91888ef.

This bugfix release fixes a Sparse assertion which recent Linux kernels started triggering, along with a few other fixes.

Full changelog:

 Christopher Li (1):
     Perform local label lookup
 Emil Medve (1):
     Handle ignored attribute malloc
 Josh Triplett (4):
     Add comment on taint flags enum referencing expr->taint
     Add test-suite metadata to validation/local-label.c
     Add known-to-fail test case for a static forward declaration
     Makefile: VERSION=0.4.1
 Mike Frysinger (1):
     fix install perms of manpages
 Tilman Sauerbeck (1):
     Added a prototype for mempcpy().

-- Josh Triplett

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