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Sparse v0.6.2 is out.

The source code can be found at the official repository:

  git:// v0.6.2

The tarballs can be found at:

with the following sha256sum:

  0395bada812d831b2f32948258690c1c5799761683d5d4f20c34e641037bd555  sparse-0.6.2.tar.gz
  519ca0de92c1c5dbb76494176c7e567ce4cc8f64a2ecd27b2fae32ce156421fc  sparse-0.6.2.tar.xz

Many thanks to people who have contributed to the 269 patches of this release, reported a bug or made a suggestion:

  Ramsay Jones, Oleg Nesterov, John Levon, Alexey Gladkov,
  Xi Wang, Xan Phung, Toomas Soome, Quentin Monnet,
  Joe Perches, Davidson Francis, Garrit Franke, Ben Dooks,
  Randy Dunlap, Marco Elver Alex Kogan, Miguel Ojeda,
  Linus Torvalds, Paul Walmsley and kbuild test robot.

Special thanks to Ramsay Jones who has reviewed and tested numerous patches and found a lot of my typos and to Marco Elver who has reported an embarrassing bug late in the release cycle.

The most notable changes are:

  • sindex: a new cscope-like tool by Alexey Gladkov
  • sparse can now use the option --arch=<arch> for non-native usage
  • support for __auto_type & _Generic()
  • the documentation can now be found on

Release notes for v0.6.2

  • add a new tool: sindex - the semantic utility
   Sindex is a simple to use cscope-like tool but understanding
   how symbols are used and which can track struct members.
  • add support for GCC's __auto_type
  • add support for _Generic
  • fully propagate declarations downward.
   For example, it means that code like:
       static int foo(void);
       int foo(void) { return 0; }
   now behaves as expected: foo() is effectively static.
  • multi-arch:
  * allow a single sparse executable to be used for multiple architectures
  * add support for -mcmodel & -f{pic,PIC,pie,PIE}, mainly for RISC-V
  * add new option, --arch=$ARCH, to specify the target architecture
  * move all arch-specific code into separate files (target-$ARCH.c)
  * try to support the various floating-point ABIs on ARM
  * fix wchar_t & wint_t for openbsd
  * add missing predefines for PPC
  * add missing predefines: __amd64 & __amd64__
  * sparc32 on SunOS/Solaris uses 128-bit long double
  * fix wchar_t & wint_t on SunOS/Solaris
  * teach sparse about -fshort-wchar
  * keep cygwin specifics with i386/x86-64 specifics
  * keep BSD & Darwin specifics with i386/x86-64 specifics
  * fix the signedness of plain chars
  * add support for s390 (ILP32)
  * add predefine for __mips__
  * predefine "i386" if needed
  * pre-define __unix__ and friends
  * add necessary defined for sunos-derived systems
  * improved detection of the native OS
  • warnings:
  * improve diagnostic message about wrong redeclaration
  * conditionally accept { 0 } without warnings
  * add -Wexternal-function-has-definition
  * display the bitfield name in error messages
  * oversized bitfields are now errors
  * add an option to suppress warning 'no newline at EOF'
  * warn when jumping into statement expressions
  * warn when using undefined labels
  * warn on defined but unused labels
  • attributes:
  * allows '__<attribute-name>__' for all attributes.
  * improve handling of function attributes
  * separate modifiers into type/declaration
  * add support for attributes 'unused' & 'gnu_inline'
  * simplify parsing of inline/__tls/__visible
  * better handle function-only attributes
  * teach sparse about gnu_inline
  * parse enum attributes and, for now, ignore them
  • cgcc:
  * use -fshort-char for Cygwin
  * add support for riscv32 & riscv64
  * don't define __CYGWIN32__ on 64-bit
  * filter-out sparse-specific -msize-long & -msize-llp64
  * use -mfloat-abi=hard for armhf
  * define _BIG_ENDIAN when needed
  * remove definition of _STRING_ARCH_unaligned (defined by glibc)
  * removed unneeded predefines for integers (now defined by sparse)
  * better multi-arch support by using --arch=$ARCH
  • testsuite:
  * avoid standard includes in the tests
  * fix testcase with non-constant initializer
  • IR
  * add support for the linearization of builtins
  * generate OP_UNREACH from  __builtin_unreachable()
  * add OP_UNREACH after calls to __noreturn functions
  • doc:
  * do not use obsolete sphinx's AutodocReporter
  * Sphinx's minimal version is now 1.7
  * add basic doc about the type system
  * doc is now accessible as:
  * release notes (old and current ones) have been added to the doc
  * now using the sphinx_rtd_theme instead of the classic theme
  • misc:
  * add support for '-std=c17/c18'
  * simplify testing of which version of the standard is used
  * ensure that typeofs are evaluated before using show_typename()
  * use a single way to expand typeofs
  * various improvements to the 'dissect' tool
  * simplify the parsing of type specifiers
  * improve diagnostic messages concerning bitfields
  * fix premature examination of dereferenced object
  * various fixes for the expansion of constant symbols
  * fix type compatibility of _Atomic types
  * add support for builtin macros with argument
  * add support for __has_feature() & __has_extension()

Changes since previous release (v0.6.1) are:

  Alexey Gladkov (2):
     Add semantic index utility
     sindex: Add option to search by location
  Davidson Francis (1):
     show-parse: null pointer dereference in do_show_type()
  Garrit Franke (1):
     ir-validate: remove orphan comments
  Joe Perches (1):
     Add '__' prefix and suffix to all __attribute__ #defines
  John Levon (5):
     Add -Wexternal-function-has-definition
     add necessary defined for sunos-derived systems
     pre-define __unix__ and friends
     predefine "i386" if needed
  Luc Van Oostenryck (229):
     options: add support for -fpic, -fPIC, -fpie & -fPIE
     options: add support for -mcmodel
     arch: add predefine for __mips__
     arch: reorder MACH_XXX defines
     arch: add support for s390 (ILP32)
     arch: change the arch when changing -m32/64
     arch: add an option to specify the desired arch: --arch=<arch>
     cgcc: specify the arch via --arch
     cgcc: removed unneeded predefines for integers
     .gitignore: alphasort the patterns
     remove unused KW_STATEMENT
     remove unused SYM_MEMBER
     remove unused SYM_TYPEDEF
     remove unneeded MOD_TYPE
     show-type: add a test program to test do_show_type() & friends
     arch: fix setting the endianness
     cgcc: remove _STRING_ARCH_unaligned
     cgcc: let sparse define _BIG_ENDIAN
     typeof: fix up comment in examine_pointer_type()
     typeof: add a test for unexamined typeof
     typeof: examine it at show-time
     spec: process chars like other integer types
     spec: types[] is indexed by the specifier class
     spec: add '.class = CInt'
     spec: improve parsing of __int128
     spec: KW_SHORT is not needed
     spec: KW_LONG is not needed
     spec: s/size/rank/
     arch: fix the signedness of plain chars
     arch: simplify i386/x86-64 specifics
     arch: do not needlessly set bitness on 32-bit archs
     arch: remove impossible cases with 64-bit arch not being lp64
     arch: keep BSD & Darwin specifics with i386/x86-64 specifics
     function attributes apply to the function declaration
     option: move all option parsing helpers before their potential uses
     arch: keep cygwin specifics with i386/x86-64 specifics
     arch: teach sparse about -fshort-wchar
     cgcc: let cygwin use -fshort-wchar
     option: allow handle_switches() to set non-boolean values
     option: use handle_switches() for -m flags
     option: simpler handling of key-value for suboptions
     add tests for function attributes
     fix assignment: pointer to __pure/__noreturn function to void *
     fix assignment check with function attribute
     propagate function modifiers only to functions
     let function definition inherit prototype attributes
     allow 'static' forward declaration
     spec: make ctype_declare[] more readable
     spec: get rid of all specifier MOD_XXX
     fp-abi: add tests for ARM's -mfloat-abi=... & -msoft-float
     fp-abi: teach sparse about -mfloat-abi on ARM
     fp-abi: teach sparse about -m{hard,soft}-float
     cgcc: use -mfloat-abi=hard for armhf
     arch: char32_t should be the same as uint32_t, not uint
     arch: (almost) all platforms simply use int for int32
     arch: add predefines for INT128 only on supported archs
     arch: use a variable for the OS
     arch: fix wchar_t & wint_t on SunOS/Solaris
     arch: sparc32 on SunOS/Solaris uses 128-bit long doubles
     arch: add note for 128-bit long double on mips64
     spec: replace lllong_ctype by int128_ctype
     cgcc: filter-out -msize-long & -msize-llp64
     arch: add missing predfines: __amd64 & __amd64__
     arch: add missing predefines for PPC
     arch: fix wchar_t & wint_t for openbsd
     cgcc: add support for riscv64
     simplify initialization of Wdeclarationafterstatement
     allow to test the standard version outside of lib.c
     alt definition for STANDARD_GNU89 & friends
     testsuite: avoid standard includes in the tests
     remove redundant degenerate() in compatible_assignment_types()
     bitfield: add testcases for invalid bitfield width
     bitfield: don't warn twice on invalid width
     bitfield: oversized bitfields are errors
     bitfield: keep the bitfield ident
     bitfield: display the bitfield name in error messages
     reorganize the __STDC_VERSION__/__STRICT_ANSI__ switch statement
     simplify definition of __STRICT_ANSI__
     separate definition of __STDC_NO_ATOMICS__ and friends from C11
     teach sparse about C17
     fix premature examination of dereferenced object
     split testcases for type punning & constant initializer expansion
     add testcase for expansion of default initializers
     add testcase for addressability of degenerated symbol
     add testcase for addressability of 'complex' symbols
     add test for union cast
     add test for dereference cost of symbol with complex type
     add test for constant expansion of complex initializer
     extract mark_addressable() from evaluate_addressof().
     fix addressability marking in evaluate_addressof()
     degenerated arrays & functions are addressable too
     fix expansion of initializer (mismatching size)
     fix expansion of initializer (mismatching type)
     fix expansion of initializer (default)
     fix simplify_loads() when doing type punning
     fix cost of dereference of symbols with complex type
     mark strings as examined & evaluated
     testcase: remove trailing ';' in commands
     typeof: do not let classify_type() do its own SYM_TYPEOF expansion
     typeof: extract examine_typeof() from examine_symbol_type()
     typeof: avoid using is_bitfield_type()
     improve diagnostic message about wrong redeclaration
     cgcc: add support for riscv32
     cgcc: rename 'ppc64+{be,le}' to 'ppc64{be,le}'
     arch: move arch-specificities to their own files
     arch: move parsing of --arch=<ARCH> to target.c
     arch: move handle_arch_finalize() into target_init()
     arch: use an arch-specific default for -msize-long
     arch: move target-specific predefines to the target files.
     arch: move cmodel predefines to the target files.
     arch: use arch_target for INT128's predefine
     arch: arch_mach is not needed anymore
     fix testcase with non-constant initializer
     ptrlist: fix typos
     add predefine_nostd()
     fix typo when detecting SunOS
     detect native OS in alphabetical order
     detect native OS on OpenBSD & NetBSD
     detect OS_UNIX as native OS
     allow to easily test if the OS is UNIX-like
     fix type compatibility of _Atomic
     inline: add some tests
     do the tree inlining during expansion phase
     teach sparse about -pedantic/-Wpedantic
     cpp: silently allow conditional directives within a macro
     cpp: remove extra newlines during macro expansion
     cpp: fix redefinition of a macro during its own expansion
     add testcases for OP_UNREACH
     add instruction OP_UNREACH
     add an implicit __builtin_unreachable() for __noreturn
     add support for linearization of builtins
     teach sparse to linearize __builtin_unreachable()
     add support for GCC's __auto_type
     do not use expr->left for conditionals
     doc: do not use obsolete sphinx.ext.autodoc.AutodocReporter
     doc: fix the warnings when building the doc
     doc: remove done item from the TODO
     misc: fix typo: s/OS_UNIX/OS_NATIVE/
     attribute: sort the table of modifier names
     attribute: add helper apply_mod() and use it
     attribute: allow some attribute to be present multiple times
     attribute: add support for unused
     attribute: separate modifiers into type/declaration
     attribute: teach sparse about attribute((gnu_inline))
     univ-init: add helper match_token_zero()
     attribute: '__tls' is just another 'declaration' modifier
     attribute: 'inline' is just another 'declaration' modifier
     attribute: 'externally_visible' is just another 'declaration' modifier
     testsuite: add a few testcases for nested functions
     misc: fix testcase typeof-safe
     misc: s/fntype/rettype/
     misc: always use the node for current_fn
     bad-goto: add testcase for 'jump inside discarded expression statement'
     bad-goto: add testcases for linearization of invalid labels
     bad-goto: reorganize testcases and add some more
     bad-goto: do not linearize if the IR will be invalid
     bad-goto: reorg test in evaluate_goto_statement()
     bad-goto: simplify testing of undeclared labels
     bad-goto: do not linearize function with undeclared labels
     bad-goto: catch labels with reserved names
     scope: no memset() needed after __alloc_scope()
     scope: move scope opening/ending inside compound_statement()
     scope: extract bind_symbol_with_scope() from bind_symbol()
     scope: __func__ is special
     scope: __label__ is special
     scope: s/{start,end}_symbol_scope/{start,end}_block_scope/
     scope: let labels have their own scope
     scope: add is_in_scope()
     scope: give a scope for labels & gotos
     bad-goto: jumping inside a statement expression is an error
     bad-goto: label expression inside a statement expression is UB
     bad-goto: extract check_label_declaration()
     bad-goto: check declaration of label expressions
     bad-label: check for unused labels
     bad-label: mark labels as used when needed
     bad-label: respect attribute((unused))
     univ-init: conditionally accept { 0 } without warnings
     add an option to suppress warning 'no newline at EOF'
     testsuite: add testcase for duplicated local definitions
     add support for _Generic
     univ-init: scalar initializer needs some additional checks
     univ-init: set default to -Wno-universal-initializer
     pre-process: remove unneeded declaration of show_token_sequence()
     generic: fix crash when nothing match
     nios2: add declaration for __builtin_{rd,wr}ctl()
     builtin: can be initialized later
     builtin: use a table for the builtins
     builtin: unify the 2 tables of builtins
     builtin: add support for arch-specific builtins
     arch: add specificities for Nios2
     arch: add specificities for Blackfin
     arch: add specificities for Alpha
     testsuite: plain chars are never compatible with [un]signed chars
     ctype: keep modifiers & base_type close
     doc: add some doc for the type system
     doc: move meta-doc to its own section
     doc: add link to the doc on in the man page
     doc: add release notes for incoming v0.6.2
     doc: show the ToC in the sidebar
     Sparse v0.6.2-rc1
     sindex: minimal version for sqlite3 is 3.24
     sindex: use -stdc=gnu99
     doc: reindent the sublists in the relnotes
     attribute: parse but ignore enum attributes
     doc: fix code-block formatting in v0.6.2 relnotes
     doc: minimal version for Sphinx is 1.7
     doc: add intro stolen from the wiki
     doc: copy the old relnotes here
     doc: update TODO
     doc: fix some typos
     doc: fix markup in types.rst (s/```/``/)
     doc: reformulate an item in the TODO
     build: let the C++ compiler be configurable
     testsuite: be less paranoid with timeout
     pre-process: add testcases for __has_feature() & __has_extension()
     pre-process: rename 'expander' into 'expand_simple'
     pre-process: add support for builtin macros
     pre-process: add support for __has_feature() & __has_extension()
     pre-process: make __has_{attribute,builtin}() true builtin macros
     Sparse v0.6.2-rc2
     gensel: add testcases from DR481
     gensel: use temporary variable in generic selection
     gensel: controlling expression must be lvalue converted
     gensel: controlling expression must be pointer-converted
     gensel: validate the type of the associations
     doc: switch to the sphinx_rtd theme
     doc: add some info to the main page
     doc: update release notes
     Sparse v0.6.2
  Oleg Nesterov (20):
     show_parse: avoid null pointer dereference in do_show_type()
     dissect: don't report anonymous members in initializers
     dissect: turn mk_name() into deanon()
     dissect: change deanon() to handle the !node case
     dissect: disallow NULL pointers in struct reporter
     dissect: introduce reporter->r_memdef()
     dissect: introduce dissect_ctx
     dissect: change do_symbol(SYM_FN) to check base_type->stmt != NULL
     dissect: kill return_type
     dissect: set sym->kind for reporter
     dissect: enforce sym->kind='f' when it looks like a function call
     dissect: introduce sym_is_local() for reporter
     dissect: move __sparse() callsite from test-dissect.c to dissect.c
     dissect: use show_ident() to print dctx->ident
     dissect: don't set ->ident = '?' in no_member()
     dissect: kill no_member()
     struct_union_enum_specifier: always initialize sym->scope
     dissect: fix sym_is_local(SYM_STRUCT/UNION/ENUM)
     dissect: enforce toplevel() if SYM_STRUCT was not defined
     make "directive in macro's argument list" a warning
  Quentin Monnet (1):
     build: fix LLVM version detection
  Ramsay Jones (6):
     lib.c: fix spelling of _BIG_ENDIAN
     cgcc: fix definition of 'linux' macro
     cgcc: only define __CYGWIN32__ for -m32 builds
     evaluate: mark evaluate_generic_selection() as static
     pre-process: fix a compiler array subscript type warning
     doc: correct some spelling
  Toomas Soome (1):
     correct sparcv9 defines
  Xan Phung (1):
     domtree: domtree_build() creates extraneous bb->doms entries
  Xi Wang (1):
     fix pointer casts in evaluate_compare()
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